Consultancy ...

Fiona is able to provide personal Consultancy to your School, Library, Council, or Business.

She can assist you in preparing Grants, setting up Maker Spaces, or developing a plan to integrate Digital Technologies into your School.

Fiona can provide help with local Code Clubs, Science Clubs, or your Maker Clubs.

Talks, Seminars, Conferences ...

If you would like Fiona to talk at your Conference, School, Workplace, or Educational Institution, contact her on the details provided in the ABOUT/CONTACT page.

Fiona can talk about:

* Education, Teaching, and Computer Coding

* Thinking, Imagination, Creativity, and STEM

* Workplace Maker Spaces - bringing innovation and creativity to your workplace

* Understanding the Technology Curriculum

* STEM Divisity and Workforce - encouraging greater diversity in our STEM workforce


* Or discuss other issues and topics with her.

TEDx Townsville ...

What a great experience! I presented at TEDx Townsville 2016 - Breaking Barriers about Smashing STEM Stereotypes.

My talk is about encouraging Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Friends to take up Technology and Computer code themselves.

Research is showing us that Parents have the largest influence on our kids career choices.

If we can give the Parents the confidence and knowledge to recommend their kids to pursue a STEM occupation, then we will go a long way to solving the current STEM workforce and diversity issues.

So check out my TEDx Townsville talk and you can learn to code today!

TEDx Townsville Video ...

Check out my TEDx Video and see what you think.