Terrific Testimonials ...

Year 1 Student:


Year 5 Student:

"When is the next Writing Workshop on? Can I come pleeeaaasseee!"

Year 4 Student:

"I had heaps of fun working with you, hope you like my story, bbbbyyyeee"

Year 2 Student:

"I loved the writing but can you show me how to make a game... something like Minecraft!"

Ms Crisp, Principal:

"Congratulations Fiona and many thanks for this wonderful writing experience which you have scaffolded for our students. I am sure they will never forget your enthusiasm and efforts in helping them to find their creative streak and strengthen it."

Ms Brazzale, Deputy Principal:

"Thank you for your superb work with our students – I’m sure they will always remember this experience"

Ms Beri, Deputy Principal:

"Our Principal shared the books with us yesterday and they are truly wonderful. Your work with the young writers is inspiring and they will remember that experience forever."

Ms Winter, Deputy Principal:

"Can’t wait to see the finished product Fiona. Very exciting. Thank you for the hard work."

Ms Gaudsen, Support Teacher: Literacy and Numeracy:

"Our Principal was very impressed with the quality of the books! I look forward to having a good read of the stories this weekend."

Ms Klein, Year 2 Teacher:

"I know your program has really captured my Student's imagination and I am so glad he has had the opportunity to extend his skills in this way. We really appreciate all your efforts."

Ms Cavanagh, Year 2 Teacher:

"Great News Fiona. Thanks for all your hard work :)"

Paige, Parent of Year 4 Student:

"My Daughter LOVES this workshop and is super excited to be a part of this. Thanks for sharing your talents through this workshop. You are an inspiration to my Daughter."

Tegan, Parent of Year 5 Student:

"I would just like to say that I really appreciate the feedback that you give every week about how the kids are going and what stage they are up to in their work. I find it very helpful and feel included in their learning process."

Michelle, Parent of Year 4 Student:

"My Daughter has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to allow her to expand on her writing skills. It is greatly appreciated by both myself and her father."

Debbie, Parent of Year 4 Student:

"Thank you for supporting our children in their quest to improve creative writing skills!"