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Stories Galore is dedicated to creating stories and workshops that are visual and interactive to allow kids and adult's to share their own creative stories.

Stories are a powerful learning medium and using tools such as computer programming, games development, Amazing Races, and publishing Books, you and your kids can be creators not just consumers of stories and technology.

At Stories Galore we believe that through stories we can engage curiosity, imagination, and empathy to bring stories to life. We aim to motivate people to interact and make emotional connections to engage learning.

Stories Galore is based in Townsville, Queensland. We are happy to travel to teach kids and adults how to be creative with Computer Code, Stories, and Robots throughout Australia and the World.

Fiona Quin has a unique blend of skills and experiences which has led her to Stories Galore. She is a registered teacher, writer, storyteller, and computer programmer.

Fiona holds a Bachelor of Education (Grad) and Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science.

Over the past 20 years, Fiona has enjoyed working as both a Computer Developer and as a registered Teacher with Education Queensland in both High School and Primary School settings.

She has worked with companies such as IBM, Australia Post, Suncorp-Metway, Qld Fire and Rescue, and at the Commonwealth Research Centre for Enterprise Distributed Systems Technology (DSTC).

Fiona's aim now is to develop creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and higher order thinking skills in kids and adults using stories and computer coding.

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